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[1/15] favorite fall out boy songs 

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"The longest distance on earth: not from north to south; it’s when I stand in front of you and you ignore me"

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to the man who wolf-whistled at me on fifth avenue


If I kept tally marks for every time someone like you objectified me

on the street, I’d have more tally marks on paper

than notches in my bedpost. How’s that for oppression?

My great-grandmother lived for so long in a home covered

with wallpaper containing illustrations of a woman doing housework

that to this day she still flinches whenever her daughter

refuses to do the dishes after dinner.

But my bedroom is covered in wallpaper made out of a dozen

different maps of the world so one day I can escape this place

and travel to some sort of oasis where no one comments

on the length of my skirt or crawls their eyes up my ribs

like they’re climbing a ladder to get to the hidden treasure.

Whistles are for dogs, and I’m not the kind of woman

who keeps her tail between her legs.

I was born to a mother who gave birth without painkillers

yet didn’t even scream when her inner walls ruptured

and everything grew bloody and dark,

so if you think I’m all body and no strength or brain,

remember where my DNA came from.

Maybe I need these long legs to get across the street,

but I need this brain to avoid being run over by a car,

and let me tell you something.

I’d rather be hit by a cement truck

than a car driven by a sexist asshole such as yourself.

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Lady Gaga | Venus (X)

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